Amazon| Kindle Education | 2018


Over 50% of students work while being enrolled in an institution of higher education. More than 50% of those work >20 hours/week. Students felt they were not making the best use of their time and did not know what to focus on to prepare for their next test.


We saw that students turn to Amazon for educational materials. In addition to this research showed that students learn most effectively through assessments. So we built Amazon Study Quiz, a new web application that provides students with quizzes and recommends resources to help them master the material based on their quiz results.


Amazon Study Quiz Beta was available to students for the fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters providing students with free quizzes and educational materials. The tool got a very positive response from students, 71% of which became returning users. We’ve learned a lot from this program and used the learnings to continue innovating on behalf of students.