Amazon| Accessibility | 2018-2020

In 2018 I evaluated the state of design for accessibility at Amazon via a series of surveys and check-ins with leaders and individual contributors. The results helped me to identify some problems in the existing processes.


Accessibility often comes too late in the design process. It might come from QA as a bug, or after product launch, as a loss in revenue, negative customer reviews, and lawsuits. I have identified that there was a lack of awareness for existing accessibility resources, a need for more actionable high-quality resources, worries about adding churn, and no process.


To solve this problem I have:

  1. Ensured that high-quality educational resources and training are available to designers by compiling an inventory, identifying gaps and becoming an accessibility instructor.

  2. Introduced new design processes by creating tools for effective accessibility product design audit and accessibility specs delivery.

  3. Established means for designers to get help and advice by setting up accessibility office hours and becoming a Kindle accessibility bar raiser.


I was able to provide accessibility training to hundreds of Amazon designers, which led to higher design quality at the end. Changes implemented, and new resources led to wide adoption of inclusive product thinking and accessibility product audit in the design process. They raised the accessibility bar at Amazon, influencing products' overall accessibility quality.